Kevin Rollings and Alcatraz Storage



Dallas Texas Group

What a great group of future Self Storage Investors!  ALOT of questions, all good of course!!  Enjoyed spending time with each one to go over deals, potential investments and getting to understand their personal situations, remember everyone is different!   I love getting to know people and I LOVE helping them get into the business!


Thanks Kevin for all you do!

I have been to a lot of real estate seminars over the years. Most of them give you just enough information to be dangerous to your financial health. And then they hit you with the $20k coaching program. This meeting was the exact opposite.

You gave us all of the information that we needed. You could literally get your book and be well on your way to a prosperous future. But you don’t just send us on our way. You gave me your phone number and email in case I needed some additional help going forward. And I was very impressed, when you contacted me to see how I was doing. You genuinely cared about my future success and it showed in the way you teach. I have talked to a lot of so called gurus, but they don’t listen to what you are saying. They are too busy making their pitch for their coaching program, that they don’t hear the question. You made it very easy to talk openly. And you where very open about your facilities.

I really enjoyed your style of teaching. You gave us the information and allowed us to create our own plan/style. You never forced your opinion on us. You told us the pros and cons and what to watch out for. The real life examples really made the information come together. I truly feel that I will be able to acquire my first property this year. I am leaving tomorrow to see 4 properties that fit my criteria. And even though I have never bought a self-storage facility before, I feel confident going in, that I have been taught by the best. I know exactly what to look for and what to ask. Thanks for helping me with my game plan. You where able to help me come up with a complete plan with specific search criteria. The realtors loved that fact that I knew exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again and I look forward to sending you information on my first facility.


Tom Keill
Lehighton, PA