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Money Management or Staying Afloat

  Money management really boils down to two things. How much I have got coming in and how much is going out. Normally we are able to control what’s going out a whole lot easier than what’s coming in. It takes knowledge, experience, planning, discipline and more importantly work. Hard work. When I was younger, […]

A Perfect Employee

 Staffing is one of the biggest challenges a self storage facility owner will have. Where is the perfect manager? What are the traits of this manager? Well, we all know that perfection can be a goal, but not a real life possibility. We all have flaws. So, how do we minimize this to get the […]

Owning a Self Storage Facility

There will always be a demand for self-storage units. The question is whether or not you can either compete with existing companies (YOU CAN) or find a niche within the market that your self storage facility can fill. If your locale is alive with new development, especially housing with those dreaded HOA’s, you will have […]


Business is looking great. Most of you have high occupancy rates. Your facility is busy. Your tenants are happy. Spring has sprung, future customers can easily access potential units and you can begin preparing for the influx of more renters. Yet somehow, something still doesn’t add up. Rev­enues don’t seem to be rising in correlation […]