Kevin Rollings and Alcatraz Storage

 2016 Self Storage Investor Academy Workshops!

Come and learn, touch and feel what a storage facility is like. We invite you to join us at our main facility in Brownsburg, IN to get a great hands on experience in owning and managing a self storage facility. Come and get the educational opportunity of a lifetime!


November 10, 11 & 12

Cost is only $197.00 per person.  Bring a companion/partner for an additional $50.00.

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2016 Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Kevin will be speaking at the following events, be sure to say hello!

Los Angeles – Real Estate Investors, Finance & Tech Expo – March 5

New York, NY – Real Estate Investors, Finance & Tech Expo – April 23

San Antonio, TX – Real Estate Investors, Finance & Tech Expo – October 7

Las Vegas, NV – Real Estate Investors, Finance & Tech Expo – October 22

Arlington, TX – Real Estate Investors, Finance & Tech Expo – November 12

Times Square, NYC – Real Estate Investors, Finance & Tech Expo – December 3



The above events are:

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Our Training Classes

What NOT to expect:

We do NOT sell coaching!  We don’t ask you to fork over tons of money to get started in Self Storage.

I emphasis this because we know there are many that charge you to learn!

We DO offer Consulting, not to be confused with Coaching!

What TO expect:

A great learning atmosphere to gain knowledge in how YOU can find the cash you need, establish the credit you need and how you can OWN your facility.