Kevin Rollings and Alcatraz Storage

I Don’t Believe in Luck!

I know what you’re thinking. Are you nuts? Of course luck makes a difference. I say bull!!! There you go, I DO NOT believe in luck. I believe in me. I make things good or bad, not some random act of fate. Is every decision I make perfect? No way, not even close, but I don’t blame outside sources for it. The person to blame is the person looking back in the mirror. You see, that’s the person who didn’t work hard enough, do enough due diligence, exhaust all the possibilities of this new venture I was seeking. Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s not how things are done in today’s world. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault or just bad luck when something doesn’t work out. I get tired of those excuses. And that’s what it is too, just excuses—words, not action. So now that I’ve been up on my soap box raving and ranting let me tell you what I really think.

Are there some acts that sometimes help you toward success? Sure there are. Are there some acts that you don’t follow through on that hurt your success? There sure are. It doesn’t matter the business you’re in, if you don’t put in the effort, how do you expect success? Now let me remind you of the best niche in real estate. That’s right—self storage facilities. I wish I could tell you to just buy one and now success will come your way. Just not that simple. Here’s the good news. If you do your due diligence before buying it and work diligently to build your new business you will have success and you won’t run yourself into the ground doing it. But, here’s the best part. With a storage facility there are so many other revenue enhancers you can add to your business it’s amazing.

You can also add great revenue enhancers. Stay tuned for more on that later.