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Recent Zoning Change in Charlotte, NC Leading to a Flurry of Applications for New Self Storage Development

A recent zoning change in Charlotte is leading to a flurry of applications for new self-storage development in the North Carolina city’s urban core. In 2015, the Charlotte City Council amended a rule to allow self-storage buildings in urban areas, as long as the buildings have at least 50 percent of their ground floor dedicated […]

Is It Time For A Change

Wow, where did 2015 go? It’s that time of year to take a good hard look at your self storage business and decide if you had the growth you planned for, what challenges did I overcome this year and where did I make mistakes. If you are honest with yourself you know you made mistakes. […]

Self Storage Dreaming

Over the years I have been asked about being my own boss and why I chose the path I did. I could give you all kinds of answers but the truth is simply that I prefer to make my own decisions and not have to answer to anyone. I think this is a common theme […]

Money Management or Staying Afloat

  Money management really boils down to two things. How much I have got coming in and how much is going out. Normally we are able to control what’s going out a whole lot easier than what’s coming in. It takes knowledge, experience, planning, discipline and more importantly work. Hard work. When I was younger, […]